Spas in Evergreen to Reenergize Yourself Through Relaxation

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We could all really use a break. Over the past several years, it feels like everyone is walking around and grinding their teeth out of stress. It’s easy to feel overworked and burned out. But you deserve to take time to reconnect with yourself! By taking a few hours every now and then to treat yourself, you’ll have the energy to take on the world around you. As a family photographer, I get asked all the time for ideas how to rest and recharge. My personal recommendation? Schedule a spa day. If you’ve been feeling the tension of the past few years in your body, I would love to tell you about the best spas in Evergreen where you can sit back and unwind. 

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3 Spas in Evergreen to Unwind With A Variety of Services

Sacred Stone Day Spa

Sacred Stone Day Spa is a center devoted to helping you find your zen. The spa is located inside US Bank #207 and has multiple ways to help you relax. They have multiple options for specialty massages and let you add on services such as hot stones, cupping, or foot massages. Their facials are therapeutic and use safe products with natural ingredients. 

You can choose to book the services for yourself or you and your significant other. They have incredible packages with a combination of services that will last up to half a day. At Sacred Stone, you’ll feel the stress melt away!

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Evergreen Massage

Evergreen Massage was built to be a place to provide transformative massages. The staff includes six licensed massage therapists who are experts at tackling any tension. They encourage you to schedule regular massages to help with issues such as chronic pain, high blood pressure, and mental disorders, including anxiety. At Evergreen, you can get services such as Swedish, sports, or prenatal massages. 

They offer cupping and hot stones. You can elect to have a CBD oil massage for a natural yet effective relaxant. At Evergreen Massage, they believe great health starts from within and want to provide you with the tools to achieve it!

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Peaceful Hills Massage

Peaceful Hills Massage is a center opened by Griff Gunnufson. Griff worked in an office for over twenty years and felt the toll it took on his body. He was eager to make a change and decided to enroll in school for massage therapy. He saw the changes in himself and wanted to provide these services to others. You can get services for up to 90 minutes at Peaceful Hills Massage. 

The center allows you to buy services in bulk for a discounted price to keep the massages both regular and affordable. Griff offers specialties and modalities so you can find the option to best help you. You’ll understand why Griff dedicated his life to the art when your session is done! 

Spas in Evergreen 

Life can be chaotic. By taking time to treat yourself to some well-deserved TLC at these spas in Evergreen, you can take on the day-to-day challenges and feel great doing it!

Once you feel rejuvenated, you should consider booking some photos! I’m a family photographer who knows firsthand how quickly those early years of motherhood fly by. For me, there’s no greater honor than being a part of your family’s memories. I would love to connect if you’ve considered booking a photo session! Contact me today to find out more.

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