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Are you an exhausted parent? You’ll want to read this! I had a chance to chat with the founder of Rocky Mountain Sleeping Baby to learn how they help parents at all stages. Kandra Becerra answered some questions on how she’s been able to help over 1,800 families with her sleep training business.

About Rocky Mountain Sleeping Baby

Q: What gave you the idea to open your pediatric sleep training business?

A: I founded RMSB out of necessity. My first son struggled tremendously with sleep from the day he was born. Everywhere I turned for help I was met with “just embrace it, mama.” “They grow up so quickly, enjoy the snuggles.” This advice left me feeling helpless. I felt like I was drowning and couldn’t find help. When my son was a couple of months old I hired a local sleep consultant. Something that I didn’t even know existed until I was Googling. I knew very little about sleep training but what I did know was – I was completely against it. However, things were so bad I was desperate for help.

Unfortunately, this experience wasn’t great. I was told to let my 8-week-old cry it out and was then given a list of baby-friendly laundry detergents and tea to drink. When she left I felt so defeated. We had spent so much money on very little help. After this experience, it’s like a fire was lit.

I started researching everything there was to know about pediatric sleep. I told my husband I wanted to get my sleep consultant certification. Even though I had an amazing, successful career he took a leap of faith with me. I got certified in Florida and quickly opened Rocky Mountain Sleeping Baby. Since then, I have brought on a team of 5 incredible like-minded moms. We have helped over 1,800 families, and I have been blessed beyond measure. What started out as a desire to provide a service that I couldn’t find myself in has turned into my biggest passion in life. 

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Q: I love that you can relate to these parents because you’ve been there yourself! Do you use the same set of recommendations with every family who hires Rocky Mountain Sleeping Baby?

A: We develop sleep plans to meet a family’s individual goals and needs. Everything we do is child-specific, which is truly why we are so successful. This is not a one size fits all approach at Rocky Mountain Sleeping Baby. Every child is so different – and so are their sleep needs. We start with a 90-minute video consultation where we provide education specific to their child (hello, no more Googling!)

The entire foundation of our business is to teach our families why we are making any changes before we ever teach them how to make the changes. From there, we review their child’s entire sleep plan. They know exactly how to handle every situation. Our true success and customization to each child come from our coaching.

We are on the phone with our families every few days – especially after night one. That is such an important phone call! From there, our families have unlimited access to us in between the calls for the duration of our time together. Before we wrap up with our clients we take the time to prepare them for their child’s future sleep needs. What to do for nap transitions, how to handle sickness, traveling, etc. 

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Q: Wow! You really are full service for these families! Is there a difference in price for different levels of service? All I know is that I’m tired. How do I even know what I need?

A: It is essential that our potential clients book a free call with us right from our website. This allows us to get to know them and their child’s sleep needs. It also allows us to talk about our services and if we are a good fit for their family or not. This also allows parents to determine which package they think would work best for their family. 

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Q: I see posts from tired parents nearly every day on the mom forums. They want to be the best parent they can be, but they’re not getting enough sleep to work to their full parenting potential. They’ve heard some bad things about sleep training. What would you say to them?

A: Sleep training has a lot of negative connotations associated with it. A quick Google search can scare any tired parent into believing they will forever scar their child. What we do technically is sleep training. However, I refer to it as teaching independent sleeping skills. Because after all, that’s truly what we are doing. The issue with sleep training is so often it is done incorrectly.

When done correctly, sleep training shouldn’t be this huge terrible thing everyone talks about. I will also say though, I don’t believe that sleep training is the right fit for all families. I would never force any parent to sleep train their child if they do not want to. It is such a personal decision made as a family. However, if a family is ready and ready to do it correctly Rocky Mountain Sleeping Baby is an incredible resource to help them meet all of their goals.

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Rocky Mountain Sleeping Baby

Okay, I am totally convinced that this mama gets it! She’s been through it, she’s done all the research, and she’s helping countless families. What are you waiting for? Run to Rocky Mountain Sleeping Baby and get the help you need!

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