Denver Pediatricians With Your Family’s Best Interests at Heart

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Finding the perfect pediatrician that aligns with your family’s best interests can be a lengthy and trying process. As a maternity and newborn photographer who is also a parent, I often get asked for recommendations for these doctors. Luckily, I can save you a few hours of research by informing you about these outstanding Denver pediatricians

3 Denver Pediatricians You Feel Comfortable Trusting With Your Children’s Healthcare

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Pediatrics At Cherry Creek

Located at 300 S. Jackson Street, Pediatrics At Cherry Creek is dedicated to being each patient’s medical home from birth to age 22! Pediatrics At Cherry Creek has been operating under Dr. Elisabeth Staerz since she bought the practice in 2000. Dr. Staerz is a board-certified pediatrician from Germany, graduating from Eberhard-Karls Medical School in Tuebingen and Trinity College in Ireland in 1982, then completing her residency in 1992 at The Children’s Hospital in Denver. 

Four medical assistants join Dr. Staerz. They provide the following services:

  • Well visits, sick visits, 
  • Immunizations, 
  • Parenting advice, 
  • Minor trauma care, 
  • Screening for behavioral health problems, and 
  • Integrated care coordination of patients’ behavioral health, occupational therapy, and speech therapy. 

Pediatrics At Cherry Creek also offers physicals, ADHD evaluation and treatment, in-office blood draws, on-site lab testing for things such as strep throat, flu, and blood glucose, in-office procedures such as wart removal, skin irritation, minor laceration repairs, and routine vision screening.

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Children’s Medical Center

You can find Children’s Medical Center at 1818 N. Ogden Street. They are proud to be the oldest pediatric practice in Denver! With generations of patients cared for, Children’s Medical Center keeps their patient families at the heart of their practice. It promises each family will receive the highest medical care and respect from their medical team.

Children’s Medical Center boasts seven different pediatricians with years of experience optimizing health and being passionate about caring for children. Children’s Medical Center offers services such as: 

  • Mental health services, 
  • Breastfeeding support, 
  • After-hours calls, 
  • Milestone screenings, 
  • Sick visits, well visits, 
  • Newborn screening, and more.

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Pediatric Direct Care

Pediatric Direct Care specializes in telehealth and providing care in the comfort of your own home! Without leaving your house, you can receive high-quality care from practitioners. Dr. Breana Barron and Dr. Deborah M. Archer founded Pediatric Direct Care. It centers on the idea that every child deserves access to readily accessible quality care.

Pediatric Direct Care allows you to conveniently make or request appointments by text or call and offers: 

  • Sick and well visits, 
  • Follow-up appointments, 
  • Telemedicine, after-hours care, 
  • Newborn care, 
  • Covid testing, 
  • Fever treatment, cough treatment, 
  • Minor injury care, 
  • Preventative health services and diagnostics.

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Denver Pediatricians

Offering different specialties, these three Denver pediatricians are ready to provide excellent care for your family, whether in-clinic, at home, or virtually!

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