3 Things to Do in Denver with Kids for A Fun-Filled Day Out!

baby boy sitting at white high chair with blocks in denver

Make the best memories with your littles this summer with all these things to do in Denver with kids! Here are a few great places to visit to help them grow, learn, and thrive through educational play and discovery.

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3 Things to Do in Denver with Kids for a Fantastically Playful Time

baby boy sitting with letters spelling ONE

Denver Zoo

The Denver Zoo resides at 2300 Steele Street. It is proud to be one of Colorado’s most vital cultural cornerstones, providing the community with intimate, inspiring, and informative first-hand encounters with nature! The Denver Zoo boasts an 84-acre campus with over 3,000 wild animals featured in several exhibits and enclosures. 

Their habitats include the Pachyderm multi-species habitat, multiple avian habitats, Northern Shores, the seven-acre Primate Panorama, Benson Predator Ridge, The EDGE, which connects two habitats by The Catwalk, Harmony Hill Bear Habitat, Toyota Elephant Passage, the Wildlife Plaza, Stingray Cove, the Animal Hospital, Pinnacol African Penguin Point, and Tropical Discovery, as well as a few upcoming habitats the Denver Zoo is excited to share with the public! 

During your visit to the zoo, you can experience stingray pools, Lorikeet adventures, carousel rides, the Denver Zoo Railroad, and immersive 4D experiences like the Penguins 4D show. You can visit and view thousands of animals and have hands-on experiences with a few of them. The zoo also hosts public events and various educational programs that are so much fun!

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Children’s Museum Of Denver

First opening in 1973, The Children’s Museum Of Denver is a nonprofit organization that carries on with a mission to create memorable experiences that support the wonder and joy of childhood. Located at 2121 Children’s Museum Drive, The Children’s Museum Of Denver offers hands-on and interactive one-of-a-kind exhibits. They work towards opening doors for future leaders, innovators, and adventurers. The museum encourages them to explore, create, and learn, and focus on their target ages of newborn through 8 years old. 

The museum’s Investigate exhibits include Water, Kinetics, Bubbles, and Energy. The Imagine exhibits include Fire Station No. 1, Ready Vet Go, Early Learners’ Oasis, My Market, and Book Nook. 

The Explore and Create exhibits include Joy Park, Box Canyon, Altitude, Bloom, Adventure Forest, Art Studio, The Teaching Kitchen, and Assembly Plant. Additionally, don’t forget to stop by the café for a yummy snack during your littles’ day of exploring the museum!

one year old baby boy in denver sitting in white highchair with blocks

Dinosaur Ridge

Known as the nation’s number one dinosaur track site, Dinosaur Ridge is home to the world’s first stegosaurus discovery. Also, it has more than 250 impressive cretaceous dinosaur tracks, Jurassic dinosaur bones, and many other trace fossils. These include some of today’s best-known dinosaur fossils discovered in 1877! 

Located at 16831 W Alameda Pkwy, Dinosaur Ridge is the perfect place for your dinosaur-loving kiddos. It allows them to walk where some of their favorite dinos once did! Dinosaur Ridge includes the main track site, Crocodile Creek, the West Jurassic Gate, a gift shop, and the Dinosaur Ridge Discovery Center.

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Things to Do in Denver with Kids

Offering unlimited fun and educational opportunities, these things to do in Denver with kids are all wonderful places to visit and spend the day. Each also offers membership options, so you can go back again throughout the year as much as you’d like! 

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