June 3, 2020

parker newborn lifestyle

A couple years ago, not long after my family moved to Colorado and I became the newest Castle Rock photographer, this family hired me to photograph their first newborn Claire (the big sister you see below). Since then, I’ve had the honor of watching their family grow. This year I got to meet their newest addition, Grace! In my line of work beside so many other talented Denver photographers, there is no greater honor than when a family connects with me enough to keep hiring me to capture their family at the most special times in their lives.

castle rock newborn photographer

My approach as a lifestyle photographer

I walk into every session with both patience and an open mind about how to capture a family in a way that proudly shows their personality. I have my poses and positions that I keep in my back pocket to help things run smoothly, but each room and each lighting situation (and each toddler or baby!) requires a slightly different take on how that ends up looking.

In this particular lifestyle session, the toddler was having an extra-clingy daddy kind of day, and the baby was most comfortable lying up on mama’s chest. So by working around those parameters and letting go of any rigidity, the outcome was truly beautiful!

Flashback to two years ago

Top image: 2020 baby Grace, Bottom image: 2018 baby Claire. My business planning mentors often discuss finding one’s “ideal client.” This involves connecting with the clients that value the same qualities that my business and I work hard to achieve. This family is such a lovely example of clients who appreciate my style of art and value my extra personal approach to running my business. I’m so lucky to have gotten to love on them through the past few years!

Photography by Alyssum is a studio and lifestyle family photographer located in Castle Rock, Colorado, serving surrounding areas such as Denver, Littleton, Louviers, Sedalia, Sterling Ranch, Highlands Ranch, Castle Pines, Parker, Franktown, Larkspur, Centennial, Douglas County, and Jefferson County. I would love to help you schedule your baby’s portrait session or your family’s sunset golden hour session!

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Acidic food/drinks such as:

Cranberries     Pineapple     Grapefruit
Oranges     Lemons     Berries
Tomatos     Chocolate     Nuts
Pizza     Chili     Mexican food     Ketchup

Gassy vegetables such as:

Asparagus     Onions     Pickles
Cucumbers     Broccoli     Cauliflower
Brussels Sprouts     Cabbage

Restrict soda, coffee, tea, wine, and beer.

Sometimes dairy, depending on the baby.

I know this seems like a long list, but you only have your newborn's portraits taken once! It's not worth it to risk having a gassy or fussy baby who just can't settle. And in the event that your baby is still gassy, I always recommend keeping Gripe Water on hand. I know it was a lifesaver for me when my two were babies.