May 5, 2020

I am so excited I could shout. Yep, I’m going to shout. IT’S TIME TO CELEBRATE!! Not only am I allowed to go back to serving my clients this week, but I’ve also launched this brand new, beautiful website!! I may have waited until the last weekend of our full quarantine to build it….but I did it! What was I doing for the past seven weeks?? Oh yeah, virtual learning with my kiddos, organizing the house, deep cleaning and purging, the list goes on.

I’ve also spent time photographing my own children in some beautiful ways. If I couldn’t be with my clients, I was going to bribe the heck out of my kiddos to let me follow them around. (And this, my friends, is why I will never judge the way you choose to “reward” /bribe your kiddos for participation in your family photos.)

Recently, we took them to the forest to grab some golden hour portraits. The red rock backdrop, the beautiful sunset, and the lollipop reward did not disappoint. Our family is always up for a hiking adventure; the challenge is usually having them dress the way I want but still be able to function on the trails.

I had an idea of how I wanted to style the portraits, but Lily had a different idea that ultimately won. She looked like a fairy princess in a fantasy world, but what a fun twist it gave the photos!

I have packed my next two weeks full of sessions nearly every day as I work to photograph the clients who patiently waited for a safer time to schedule their portraits. I haven’t been in any stores over the last seven weeks (big thanks to the hubby for taking over the grocery shop responsibility…can’t say I’ve minded the break!) and I am ready to step out into the world!

Hi, friends! Here I am in my brand new mask from Subtly Chic at The Emporium, Castle Rock, and I plan to keep a six foot distance as I work outside with families. Please share this picture with your littles so they know who will be taking their picture, and show them what you look like in your mask too!

Photography by Alyssum is a studio and lifestyle family photographer located in Castle Rock, Colorado, serving surrounding areas such as Denver, Littleton, Louviers, Sedalia, Sterling Ranch, Highlands Ranch, Castle Pines, Parker, Franktown, Larkspur, Centennial, Douglas County, and Jefferson County. I would love to help you schedule your baby’s portrait session or your family’s sunset golden hour session!

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Acidic food/drinks such as:

Cranberries     Pineapple     Grapefruit
Oranges     Lemons     Berries
Tomatos     Chocolate     Nuts
Pizza     Chili     Mexican food     Ketchup

Gassy vegetables such as:

Asparagus     Onions     Pickles
Cucumbers     Broccoli     Cauliflower
Brussels Sprouts     Cabbage

Restrict soda, coffee, tea, wine, and beer.

Sometimes dairy, depending on the baby.

I know this seems like a long list, but you only have your newborn's portraits taken once! It's not worth it to risk having a gassy or fussy baby who just can't settle. And in the event that your baby is still gassy, I always recommend keeping Gripe Water on hand. I know it was a lifesaver for me when my two were babies.